Breaching the Canadian Fashion Industry – Case Study

Sunday 15th of January 2017


As the client — a worldwide fashion brand — set to enter the Canadian market, there were several considerations to address. First, the launch of the store needed to be kept confidential as there was a considerable investment being made to launch the retailer into the Canadian marketplace.  Secondly, marketing activities needed to be carefully planned since the client wanted to make a big splash with a large, single launch event.  Any information leaks would impact the client’s ability to successfully execute a big launch event. Another consideration was that the client’s candidate profile differed from other banners within its parent company and the recruitment needed to deliver on that.

Tailored Service Measures

Confidential Search Process

fishRecruit utilized a confidential recruitment process for selecting and attracting candidates to the opportunity. All communication and tools used by our recruitment team were completely agnostic and did not divulge the identity of the client.

Successful candidates were bound by an executed agreement not to disclose any information around the arrival of the brand to Canada. Our offices were used as the confidential, offsite interview location.

Unique Targeting Strategy

In listening to the client we were able to develop a targeting strategy that was on brand and delivered the profile of essential candidates. We built an entire store operating team using the set parameters.


The opening went just as the client had hoped. We were able to attract the unique talent the client desired in a completely confidential manner. With the winning team in place, the store has been very successful. Store traffic has kept up with expectations, but the purchase volume of customers has exceeded expectations.  The client is currently planning further openings within select locations throughout Canada.

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