James Kemble

Managing Partner,

James Kemble

fishRecruit’s service approach echoes James’ own values of integrity, accountability and results. James knows that search success is earned through developing long term relationships to help both clients and candidates achieve their goals. His extensive search experience has allowed him to meet thousands of candidates and work with numerous clients across many verticals.

James is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He enjoys time with family and friends, a variety of sports, music and movies. Also he enjoys observing different interview styles across a variety of subjects including business, entertainment and other news content. Superior interviews have similar characteristics; great questions and adaptable style reacting to the discussion and listening.

Best career advice given to you:
You spend so much time and energy on your career; make sure it is doing something you truly love. By connecting to that you will define your own success.

Best career advice you give:
Rise to every occasion because looking back knowing you could have performed at a higher level will lead to regret.

Worst career advice:
You don’t need to worry about making an impact, you are young, you have lots of time before anyone expects anything from you.

Favourite interview question:
I enjoy hearing people define what they feel is the ideal role for them. They will share insights on the role, company, culture and personal and professional development. Once we understand this we are able to connect people to their ideal companies.

What makes you a great recruiter?
Simply, I enjoy people, meeting and listening to them with a desire to help them realize their goals. I am equally interested in client and candidate agendas for building or joining great teams. This balanced approach is the foundation for making meaningful long term placements.

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